Once And For All

by Legionary



The 4th release by Tri-State Death/Thrash metal band, Legionary. Legionary is back with quite possibly their best release to date, and it's only $5!


released May 14, 2014

Instrumentals of tracks 2-4 are now available as bonus tracks!

"Once And For All" EP credits & thanks

Legionary is:

Frank D'Erasmo - Drums & Rhythm Guitars
Rory Smith Robinson - Lead Guitars
Tony Barhoum - Lead Guitars
Kevin O'Laughlin - Vocals
Mike Dreher - Bass

Recorded @ Little Door Studios in The Bronx
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by David Andronico
Produced by Frank D'Erasmo and David Andronico
Artwork by Mark Cooper

All music and lyrics written by Frank D'Erasmo
All music is copyrighted under Legionary

Solo credits:

"Marching Towards Ascension (Intro)"
Solo written by Tony Barhoum

"Detached From Reality"
Solo written by Rory Smith Robinson

"Cultural Deviance"
Solo written by Rory Smith Robinson

"Once And For All"
Solo 1 @ 4:21-4:30 written by Rory Smith Robinson
Solo 2 @ 4:31-END written by Tony Barhoum

Special thanks to:

Condition Critical, David Andronico, Jerry D'Erasmo (aka JDfromNY206), and all the fans that continue to support Legionary!

Hope you all enjoy this record! You can purchase it for only $5 on our Bandcamp link below!



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Legionary Bronx, New York

Legionary is a death/thrash metal band with members hailing from both the Bronx and New Jersey. Legionary once played live regularly, but is now a one man band headed by mastermind Frank D'Erasmo (Drums/Rhythm Guitar). Frank uses the services of some of the best metal musicians in the Tri-State area, and is currently dedicated to doing studio projects only at the moment. ... more

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Track Name: Detached From Reality
"Detached From Reality"

(Music & Lyrics: Frank D'Erasmo)

Total denial of what you've become
Turned your back on everyone
For what?
An empty life

The world could burn to the ground,
Right in front of your eyes
As long as you get your fix,
You couldn't care any less

Detached From Reality

Obsessed with someone lacking qualities
Inferior in every way

The world could burn to the ground,
Right in front of your eyes
As long as you get your fix,
You couldn't care any less

Detached From Reality

Forever enslaved

Betrayed once before,
But you're still blinded
When things fall apart,
You'll try to crawl back
By then it will be,
Too little, too late (2x)

You only have yourself to blame

Excuses falling upon deaf ears
Desperate attempt to salvage what's left
A fitting end

It's the end...
Of this life
You chose to live
When the smoke clears, what is left?
The regrets
The memories
Another day in desolation
Track Name: Cultural Deviance
"Cultural Deviance"

(Music & Lyrics: Frank D'Erasmo)

Cultural Deviance
The lowest of the low, now idolized
No sanity

Drug addicts; Pimps and whores
They are the norm
Destruction of decency abroad

Infantile mentalities,
In a backward society

Incomprehensible mistakes
Forgiven for what was done
A second chance won't change a thing
Glorified degenerates

Only sheep still worship,
The ground they walk
Hopeless, shameless fools


Families are the real casualties,
When they treat life like a game

In and out of rehab
In and out of prison
They never learn a goddamn thing
Everyone's fault but their own (2x)

Where do we go from here?
Can we survive?
Rise to your feet
Weed out the weak
Enough's enough
Take back...
What was ours (2x)
Track Name: Once And For All
"Once And For All"

(Music & Lyrics: Frank D'Erasmo)

You started from the bottom
Just like the ones you think you own
Insane power trip
An army assembled
It's the clueless leading the blind
Destined for failure

Incessant verbal attacks
Wars are not won with words

Deep obsession

Say one thing, do another
Will this pointless game ever end?
Where's your self-respect?
Where's your self-control?

You may have strength in numbers,
But you still stand no chance

You've been exposed

Nothing can save you now...
I've brought you all to your knees,
Time and time again
But this time, the battle ends
Once And For All...
The battle ends
Once And For All

I'll spare no one
There will be...
No mercy (2x)
Grovel at my feet

The message has been sent
Loud and clear (2x)

I've persevered through it all,
Time and time again
But this time, I have prevailed
Once And For All...
I have prevailed
Once And For All