Within The Dome

from by Legionary



Within The Dome

We truly don't know what's beyond the sky
Fake images enforce the lies
What are they trying to hide?

We're taught to be followers
Question nothing
All they can show us is
Bullshit CGI

How far
Does the rabbit hole go?
We are
Born in a mental prison
How far
Does the rabbit hole go?
We are
Born into mental slavery

The moon landing
Filmed in a Hollywood basement
If we really went there
Why haven't we been back?
Nothing adds up

Equations shoved down our throats
Our senses now destroyed
Experiments disprove it all
But it's still taught as fact

Something I thought was not possible
Now seems very real
We've been lied to so much
Maybe we are living within the dome

Conspiracy on a grand scale
Revisionist history
Masonic scum
AstroNOTS floating in space
More like zero G planes
Tricked and betrayed
Tricked and betrayed


from The Final Stage Of Awakening, track released April 10, 2017
Written by: Frank D'Erasmo
Solo by: Tony Barhoum
Mixed/Mastered by: Bobby Torres



all rights reserved


Legionary Bronx, New York

Legionary is a death/thrash metal band with members hailing from both the Bronx and New Jersey. Legionary once played live regularly, but is now a one man band headed by mastermind Frank D'Erasmo (Drums/Rhythm Guitar). Frank uses the services of some of the best metal musicians in the Tri-State area, and is currently dedicated to doing studio projects only at the moment. ... more

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